Does the Rail Mount Bracket work on ALL Onewheel Models?

Yes! All models, Same Bracket, Same Straps. Follow the instructions for the installing the lower rubber bumpers to match the different board profiles. The flat side is used only for XR/PLUS/V1 rails, the angled side towards the board for GT-S/GT/PintX/Pint rails. This added elastomer material helps the mount to grip tightly to the different board profiles. No adhesive or tools are required, simply slip on / slip off the rubber bumpers when moving the rail mount bracket to a different board style.

Can these bags carry a Onewheel Charger?

We've hopefully done our job on each bags description to let you know what chargers can be accomodated. In general, the Onewheel Pint / Pint X charger will fit in nearly all of our bags except the recycler cruzer pouch which is a bit too small. The V1/+/XR/GT/GT-S chargers will only fit in the larger "Cargo Cruzer" charger bag.

Do I need tools to install the Rail Mounting Bracket?

No Tools Required! Simply follow the instructions to install the Rail Mounting Bracket velcro cinch straps tightly with the bracket centered at the wheel. Easily remove the velcro cinch straps to take the bracket off of the board.

Do I need tools to install the Fender Mounting Bracket?

Yes, but it's pretty simple. To install the Fender Mounting bracket for Onewheel you will need to mark and drill holes in your fender using the template provided (Take it OFF your board first! "Don't drill into your tire dude!"). You'll then simply install 2 screws through the supplied "plastic washer card" to fix the Fender Mounting bracket to the fender. Easy Peasy as long as you've got a drill, or a friend with one...

What can I mount with the Universal Mounting Plate?

Well that's really up to you! We've designed the universal mounting bracket to be ideal for items like bluetooth speakers, larger water bottles, how about a Fly Fishing Rod mounted to a Onewheel? Yep, We've tried it, it works great! The Straps are ~18" long, so plenty of length to wrap around what makes sense size wise for mounting to your Onewheel. The part has many extra holes and openings to give you versitality to mount what you want to the plate. Don't forget to send us some photo's of what you mount! Thank You!

Can I mount the Rail Mounting Bracket on the same side as a Mag Handle?

No, the Maghandle will have to be removed as it occupies the same physical space as the maghandle. Try another strap mounted type of handle such as Craft & Ride's Silverhandle if you want to keep a handle on the maghandle side. You certainly can keep your maghandle in place and install the Rail Mounting Bracket on the other side!

Can I mount a Rail Mounting Bracket on Both sides of my Onewheel?

Yes, Certainly! You will have to remove any Maghandle on the side you wish to mount to. We love having 2 Rail Mounting Brackets installed; You can snap on a Cargo Cruzer to carry your +/XR/GT/GT-S Charger on one side and throw your other favorite pack with your every ride essentials mounted to the other side. Off you go! Fully packed for a great day of adventure...With charging spots along the way! No Fender Required!

What if I have a bunch more questions?

Feel free send us your questions to info@cruzencarve.com and we'll be happy to help.