About Us

Cruze N Carve was born out of necessity to be able to easily carry smaller common items on awesome outdoor adventures. 

We didn't always want to wear a backpack, nor do we want to have to cram every pocket with the necessities for a fun and safe adventure, so we created a patent pending accessory mounting system which allows you to easily mount small packs, cases, and bags to a multitude of fun devices like Onewheels, scooters, bicycles and even ATV's or Jeep Roll Bars. We are constantly developing new and unique mounts for different applications.

Cruze N Carve sources our products with a "Local Maker First" mentality—which means local designers, assemblers, and manufactures first. Most products are sourced and produced in Colorado, U.S.A..  

We've teamed up with some of the best pack designers and manufacturers in the U.S.A. who already produce the highest quality small packs.  We work with them to design, build and test the packs which are ideal for their production capabilities yet are perfect for our patent pending mounting components.  A great team effort, supporting small business in the U.S.A. 

If you know of any small businesses in the U.S.A. producing the highest quality small packs, we'd love to hear about them.   We plan to continually bring new pack styles, colors and options to market in limited supply.

We look forward to building your Cruze N Carve Adventure Pack!