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Collection: Adventure Packs

These small rugged packs are produced in small Colorado shops by the best pack designers and makers in the business.

We team up with small business and individual experts to design, build, test and produce a pack which matches their particular production capabilities.  These independent businesses are the only ones who produce the packs they themselves helped to design and develop!  

This collaboration provides awesome pack offering for You, and builds small American businesses along the way!  

Pretty fun and cool concept we think! 

If you know of a great small American shop producing the highest quality sewn goods, we'd love to hear from them!  They can contact us at info@cruzencarve.com  

Over 20% of all proceeds are donated to local charities which benefit various small business community projects and new small business opportunities. 

*** These packs all require a Rail or Fender Mounting bracket (Purchase Mounts Here) to attach to your board.  

The Best Value option is to check out our Adventure Pack Launch Bundles which come with your Pack of Choice along with a Rail Mount Bracket and other goodies. All You need to just Pack it, Snap it On & Go!

Cruzencarve small red pack mounted to onewheelgt