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The "Summit Cruzer" Adventure Pack (Pack Only) (Onewheel Gt, Onewheel Pint X/XR/+ Compatible)

The "Summit Cruzer" Adventure Pack (Pack Only) (Onewheel Gt, Onewheel Pint X/XR/+ Compatible)

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Designed and hand crafted in Colorado USA!  The Summit Cruzer is a perfect versatile adventure pack!  

Small enough to fit just what you need, but with the neoprene fabric it is more flexible.  Sized to carry the most common items you'd like to have on Every Adventure such as: a small water bottle, pump, pressure gauge, flashlight, keys, phone, band-aids, lighter, sunscreen, lock... What will you put in yours?

Always Packed and Ready!  No more scrounging around at the last minute, cramming your pockets full or having to wear a backpack.  Don't get us wrong... We love backpacks too!  But sometimes you just want to jump on and go, or as we say Snap your Pack on and go for a Cruze!  So leave the backpack behind and know that you have your essential items packed and ready!

Easily swap over to another board, or change out the contents for the day's great adventure!

These packs are made by small businesses in Colorado, so while the quality is Awesome, they may be limited in colors and quantities, so Grab One While They Last!

All packs come with the Patent Pending Cruze N Carve Flextab installed onto the pack.  This allows the pack to simply slide onto the Mounting Bracket of your choice.  Get a mount for all your Rides so you can quickly and easily Snap Your Pack on ANY board, scooter, or ATV & go for a Cruze!  (Mounts sold separately.)

2" x 3" Hook Patch spot so you can customize with your favorite patch!  (Patches sold separately.)

Don't have a mount yet?  Check out our Summit Cruzer Launch Bundle which comes with a Rail Mounting Bracket and other goodies!

We're here to help if you have any questions or want to up your essentials before heading out.  You can reach out to us anytime at

Pack contents shown for illustrative purposes only   Packs don’t come with any gear  You get to pack your own favorite essentials!  Let Us Know - What are you going to put in yours?

Will Fit Pint/Pint/x standard chargers

Will not fit XR/GT/GT-S and larger chargers

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