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"BYOB" (Bring Your Own Bag) Mounting Kit Launch Bundle

"BYOB" (Bring Your Own Bag) Mounting Kit Launch Bundle

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Our "BYOB" (Bring Your Own Bag) Mounting Kit is the perfect solution to mount a small pack you already have, or have found elsewhere.  We know there are so many awesome small packs out there, so we've created a kit with everything you need to mount your own bag with our Patent Pending mounting system. 

The BYOB Mounting Kit includes:

1 - Flextab Bracket (Patent Pending)

2 - Inner Support Cards:  Simply trim as needed to fit the size of your pack.

4 - Mounting Screws

1 - Instruction Pamphlet

1 - Attachment Template

Launch Bundle Includes:

1- BYOB Mounting Kit

1 - Rail Mount Bracket Kit with Mounting Straps & Dust Covers

1 - Cruze N Carve Small Water Bottle

1 - Cruze N Carve Cleaning Towel (Sure to quickly become your new favorite for cleaning your gear)

A Bundle is the Best Value if you do not yet have a rail mounting bracket, or if you want additional mounts and/or packs.  Mount one on each side of the Onewheel?  Swap packs from one Onewheel to another?


Assembly Required: Using the Attachment Template included in your kit, you will need to drill, or otherwise pierce, 4 holes through your BYOB pack.

We've mounted some pretty awesome small packs & safety kits to our boards.  Don't forget to send us pictures of the cool stuff you mount using the BYOB kit!

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