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Fender Mount Bracket Kit Compatible with Onewheel™

Fender Mount Bracket Kit Compatible with Onewheel™

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This handy Fender Mount Bracket Kit allows you to mount your favorite Cruze N Carve Adventure Pack to your half or full Onewheel Fender. 

The Fender Mounting Kit includes:

1 - Fender Mount Bracket

2 - Mounting Screws

1 - Instruction Booklet

1 - Drilling Template / Inner Support Card

Assembly Required: Using the drilling template included in your kit, you will need to remove your fender first! Then drill 2 holes through your fender,  then using the screws provided simply screw the fender mount to your fender.

We've mounted some pretty awesome small packs & safety kits to our boards.  Don't forget to send us pictures of the cool stuff you mount using the Fender Mounting Bracket Kit!

Have more packs?  Mount as many of these fender mounts as your space and pack size selections fit!  Also works great with our Cruze N Carve Universal Mounting Plate for attaching Speakers, Flashlights, a fly rod or almost anything else you can imagine to your Onewheel.  

More colors and options coming soon!

We 3D Print these fender mounts here at Cruze N Carve and we'll offer a free replacement if you every break one!  Just contact us at  

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