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Rail Mount Bracket Kit - Compatible with all Onewheel Models

Rail Mount Bracket Kit - Compatible with all Onewheel Models

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The Cruze N Carve Rail Mount Bracket Kit is the perfect solution to be able to quickly attach your Cruze N Carve Adventure Packs to ANY Onewheel model: Onewheel GT, Pint/Pint X, V1,+, XR+and we assume GT-S will be the same rail profile as the GT which works great. 

  Heck, You could actually mount this bracket to just about anything you can get the straps around Roll Bars? Golf Cart bars, Scooters bars, & of course Bike frames. 

We've Designed, Built, and Tested the beefy aluminum bracket for versatility to also mount other items and even provided some extra stap openings for other things you'd like to mount to your Onewheel. 

Just Strap it on, Pack, Snap, and Go with the Cruze N Carve Adventure Pack of your choice! 

If you don't already have a Cruze N Carve Adventure Pack, the best value is to check out our Adventure Pack Bundles, which come with a Pack of Your Choice + Rail Mount Bracket Kit and other goodies.

Rail Mount Bracket Kit Includes:

1 - Powder Coated Aluminum Rail Mount Bracket 

2 - Mounting Straps

2 - Velcro Dust Covers

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